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Raising Power

If you want your Spells to work you have to learn to Raise Your power to propel them. You can do this in a couple of ways..Chanting, Humming, saying a Mantra over and over, a Mantra can be either words or sounds. The purpous of Raising Power is to build up your inner fire, passion, and energy. You can use music if you want, when using music find a piece that gets faster and faster as it plays and it should have no words to it, so when you use a chant or Mantra it wont get mixed up with words to the music. Music isn't necessary to raise your power, you can raise it just fine without it with just your chanting, either way you want your words to sing louder and faster as you go. Drumming music is perfect for raising power!! Movement is also important in raising power, dance, or walk around your circle, you can even spin around in one spot, however you choose moving make sure it's to the speed of your chant and music, movemnet is just as important in raising your power. As you get your music, chant or mantra going and add in whatever type of movement you want, start off at a slow pace, and start to get it going faster, and faster, feel the energy start to swell up inside of you, keep this going for as long and as fast as you need to to get your power (energy) to it's peak.
Once you feel like you have built up your energy (your power) to the point where it is going to burst out of you, squat down and as you stand back up through your arms up and sream "so mote it be", or anything you might want to yell as you release the power you just built up with a strong thrust. You should chant words that say what your spell is for, like if your doing a spell to bring money chant something like..."No more stress, no more bills, grant me finalical freedom!" then when you release your power yell something like this..."No more money worries!!" Whatever words you feel is best for your spell use them but for the "release yell" make it short, to the point. Make sure the chant and the release yell, writing your own spells, chants, and rituals personalizes the spell, it makes it your own, made with your power, (energy), just make sure they rhyme, that they are repetitive, and that they become more intense as you go on until you feel the shift when you know the power you raised has reached. it's peak and ready to be thrusted into the Universe!! Once you are finished with your spell, it is VERY important to "ground" any left over energy, all you need to do is put your hands palms down onto the earth, visualize any excess energy streaming away through your palms into the ground. It is normal after raising power to feel lightheaded and tingly, thats why you need to ground any excess enery, if you don't ground it these feelings can continue long after you are done.